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Twisted Mister 1 year ago
I dated the cheerleaders, so thin and prim and so virginal. My friends too but I was attracted to the girls with some meat on her bones. My friends mocked me when I went after the girl with the full butt and a bust that jiggled when she walked. I was getting laid while my friends were too nervous to even hold their girls hands.. I look for these types in grocery stores, I find them but they are usually taken but they feel flattered that a guy like me would flirt with them..
1 year ago
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La más caliente 2 years ago
Que ganas de que me cojan asi Dios tiene un pitote bien rico
360 2 years ago
Ewe 2 years ago
Cómo se saca el porcentaje?:(
2 years ago
Alguien quiere que se la meta ??
Gotei 1 year ago